The Hidden Secret of the Rosemary Leaf

September 13, 2020

The Hidden Secret of the Rosemary Leaf

Have you ever looked at the underside of a rosemary leaf? The top side is fairly smooth, but if you look at what is going on underneath you might be surprised. I like to design based on patterns and textures that I see and experience. Most of the time I make the changes to be clear that they are loose interpretations. In the case of the Rosemary Leaf earrings, the texture needs no adjustments; it is perfect as is. Sharing my discovery is part of the fun! The inspiration for these earrings came straight from the garden.

Did you know that the needles of the spruce tree are four-sided? The Spruce Cuff design evolved from my local forest and the spiky spruce branch. After spending time studying the branch, using a magnifier, and drawing, I designed a tool just to create each mark to capture the feeling of the spruce. Also check out the Oxidized Silver Spruce Earrings.

I'm writing this the weekend after Labor Day, when I would typically be in my booth, open for business at the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival. This nature-themed fine crafts festival is situated on the Wells Reserve at Laudholm in Wells, Maine, a beautiful setting on the coast. I love this fair (virtual or not) because the theme inspires my work. In the spirit of the Laudholm fair and nature-themed inspiration, I have updated my website and added a few new items, including sand dollar pendants, tiny and large, and a few new rings. In addition, I am offering 10% off your entire purchase for rest of September when you use code LAUDHOLM.

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