The Ephemeral Life of a Circle

May 06, 2021

Mandala Collection, silver, gold, jewelry, handcrafted

What is it about the circle, that ephemeral form you see in everyday objects and nature? If you ask a child to draw the sun, they’ll likely produce a big yellow sphere. Drop a pebble in a pond and you’re rewarded with a repeating pattern of circles. The circle is a pure, organic form, a shape and pattern you see repeated in nature.

Such a simple form can generate so many ideas. My Mandala Collection started with this simple shape and is ever evolving. In the collection’s signature texture, each indentation is, roughly, a circle and builds on the circular theme in an organic sort of way.

But the design process doesn’t end there. Once I’m satisfied with an element like the mandala, I like to take fragments, make multiples and rearrange them to create variations on the theme. I get lost in the creative process, arranging and rearranging the forms until a design resonates with me.

By cutting the circle in half, I have made another element. The half moon mandala is a favorite and fun form I play with when I'm designing. By arranging multiple pieces in different configurations, I can give this simple element such diverse visual interest, as in the Half and Half Mandala Pendant. A slight variation in scale and placement can again transform a design and add interest as in the Squiggle Earrings. I like how the squiggles force your eye to wander along and follow the gesture. It can conjure images of things we see in nature, like the flow of water or the slithery movement of a snake, without being too literal. One can see what they want to see.

The Curled Leaf Mandala Ring uses another variation of the form, with two thinner slivers of the mandala mirroring each other to form one piece. The resulting design echoes the curl of a leaf and the band becomes the stem wrapped around your finger.

What catches your attention when you are out and about in the world? Are there shapes and patterns you are drawn to or textures that you impulsively need to touch? Reach out to me and share your observations.

Stay well,
Karen Eisenberg

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you awesome Moms out there.

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