Fall Is In the Air, and It Feels Good

October 31, 2020

Fall Is In the Air, and It Feels Good

The weather has cooled down, and I have taken a few opportunities to get out in my big backyard and explore the trails and mountaintops. I am truly grateful to live in a rural location, able to breath fresh air outside and observe seasonal changes.

October brought much anticipated and needed family time. I feel rejuvenated from bike rides, the visual feast of fall colors that seem to linger and change daily, ongoing gardening projects, and, most of all, family.

When my vegetable garden thinned out, teardrops of eggplant revealed themselves, hanging like earrings from the branches with their energy still pumping to ripen the fruit. It inspired me to find the perfect eggplant colored pearls ideal for earrings and pendants.

As I write this, snow is falling and the stubborn oak and beech leaves are still clinging to the branches in gold and copper. Even though most call this past peak for fall foliage, I love the metallic reference with earthy warm tones of late season fall. I still get excited about all of the changes in color even after the last leaves have fallen.

The pandemic has been challenging for all of us. I miss being able to spend extended periods of time with family and friends. I miss the hugs (as I’m sure all of you do). One of the things I miss most is being able to engage with all of you in person, sharing my new collections at shows, seeing the contented smiles of happy customers wearing their pieces right out of my booth or bringing home goodies with anticipated gift giving for loved ones, watching your kids grow from year to year. Sadly, as you already know, all shows have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

For now, since engaging and trying on jewelry is not possible, the world of shopping for fine craft has become a virtual experience. Those of you who have purchased jewelry from me in the past have a sense of the look and feel of the work. I am thankful to all of you for your support and appreciation over the years because I wouldn't be doing what I love without you. I’m also thankful for the World Wide Web, which allows me to provide a website so you can visit and shop for my work online. (My new website has been an evolving process and a whole new skill set for me. Shout out to my sister, Amy, for navigating the back-end techy stuff and editing and emotional support.)

As we approach this holiday season, I hope you will consider purchasing handmade jewelry as gifts for loved ones. Jewelry is an enduring and timeless gift that will live on beyond the pandemic. And it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of jewelry embellishment to help us look and feel our best for Zoom meetings and other virtual and in-person gatherings.

Remember, please order early to ensure timely delivery for the holidays.

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