Connecting with Visual Arts During a Pandemic

August 04, 2020

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Karen Eisenberg, MetalsmithWhere did the summer go? It’s the first week of August already, and typically I’d be at the League of NH Craftsmen Annual Craftsmen’s Fair, exhibiting my handcrafted metal jewelry, meeting customers old and new, and reconnecting with my artist community.

As many of you know, the fair represents nine days of continuous celebration of fine craft, with work from juried artists in just about every form of media. And the setting is nothing less than glorious at the base of Mount Sunapee.

Though I will miss seeing familiar faces and making new connections, staying safe and healthy is more important for this year. I’ve adapted somewhat to my new normal, social distancing and spending more time cultivating my vegetable garden, reaping the benefits of hardly ever going to the store for groceries. And I’ve taken advantage of the “downtime” during the pandemic to launch this new website.

As we used to say about the telephone and long-distance calling, the internet has become the next best thing to being "at the fair." (Those of you of a certain age know what I’m talking about.) I feel lucky that in this modern time there is a resource for staying connected and sharing my passion for using my hands to create jewelry for you to enjoy. Take a look around, and check back often as new work becomes available.

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Back to My Happy Place
Back to My Happy Place

July 07, 2021

As a visual artist, I have several happy places. Obviously, working in my studio, creating handcrafted jewelry is number one. If you’ve read some of my past blog posts, you also know that the great outdoors is another happy place for me. The natural world is where I get my inspiration, thus, nature-inspired jewelry.

Another equally special place is craft fairs. Being able to show my work and see my customers in person means the world to me, and I’m so excited that craft fairs are back this summer. I truly enjoy meeting and engaging with you, face-to-face, learning what resonates with you when you look for handcrafted jewelry, and giving you a chance to touch and try on your purchases.

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Mandala Collection, silver, gold, jewelry, handcrafted
The Ephemeral Life of a Circle

May 06, 2021

What is it about the circle, that ephemeral form you see in everyday objects and nature? Such a simple form can generate so many ideas. My Mandala Collection started with this simple shape and is ever evolving. In the collection’s signature texture, each indentation is, roughly, a circle and builds on the circular theme in an organic sort of way.

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From Snow Tires to Craft Fairs
From Snow Tires to Craft Fairs

April 06, 2021

After this crazy pandemic year, the prospect of gathering in person is a lot like the anticipation of spring in the mountains. The availability of vaccines for everyone and the cautious, slow lifting of restrictions keeps me optimistic that in-person fine craft shows will be a thing again this summer. 

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